Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Relax and Become More Creative -

Take some time today to relax and let go of the worries of the day. Click the video above to experience a Question Centered Guided Meditation and visit with me.  

The solution to problems may become clear after a meditation where you aren't directly thinking of the problem.  Sometimes removing ourselves from our thinking brain allows us to think outside of the box.  

This is also a great way to come up with creative new ideas.  Allow yourself to ask your guides for new ideas as well and you may be surprised by what you receive.  

If you find these meditation help you relax and generate new ideas, try my Transformation Spa Downloads.  Let yourself relax in a Virtual Spa while experiencing guided meditations to let go of stress and receive the benefits of meditation.  

Check out the Link on ITunes:  This ASMR Spa and Meditation album is also available by CD on Amazon.

Take Care,

Jessica Cross